I've been busy working on a brand new Scottish Medieval Romance series, to be released in late-2020. Book #1 is now available and Books #2 and #3 are currently up on preorder.

A wounded warrior who vows never to love again. The shy lady’s maid who adores him from afar. An adventure that will bind them. Unrequited love in Medieval Scotland—with a touch of fantasy.

Cassian Gaius is over one thousand years old and cursed to live forever. After watching his lover grow old and die, he vowed to remain alone until the curse is broken. But three hundred years later, his acquaintance with a lady’s maid blossoms into something beyond his control.

Aila De Keith has been in love with Cassian ever since he took up the role of Captain of the Dunnottar Guard. Unfortunately, the enigmatic warrior remains polite yet distant with her.

But when Cassian and Aila accompany their laird and his wife on a mission to occupied Stirling, their relationship changes. The man they serve makes dangerous enemies, and Cassian and Aila are thrown into an adventure that risks revealing both their secrets: his immortality and her love for him.

Book #2 in The Immortal Highland Centurion series, CASSIAN is a tale of friendship, loyalty—and the courage to love.

Preorder your copy now and CASSIAN will be delivered to your Kindle on November 5, 2020!

The centurion with a heart of stone. The lady who scorns him. A marriage that will end the curse.

Draco Vulcan stopped caring about anything or anyone years ago. Cursed to live forever, he only finds joy on the battlefield. But in order to break the curse upon him and his friends, he must wed a woman he can’t stand.

The lady in question has just escaped a loveless marriage. The last thing she wants is to enter another one—especially to the cold, brutal warrior who fights at William Wallace’s side.

When the English king hears that Wallace is hiding at Dunnottar Castle, and lays siege to the fortress—Draco and the widow must band together against this common foe. But are they prepared to take things a step farther and sacrifice their own happiness to break an ancient curse?

Book #3 in The Immortal Highland Centurion series, DRACO is the dramatic conclusion to a high-octane romance trilogy about three cursed Roman soldiers and the brave-hearted Scottish women who love them.

Preorder your copy now and DRACO will be delivered to your Kindle on December 3, 2020!

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An embittered laird. A loyal wife. A new start. A Yuletide Second chance love in Medieval Scotland.

Robert De Keith has spent the last eight years rotting in an English dungeon. But when he returns home to Dunnottar Castle he soon realizes he doesn’t fit into his old life anymore.

His wife, Elizabeth, has ruled the castle in his absence. However, the woman who greets him now seems a stranger. Time and events have altered them both.

As Yule approaches Robert and Elizabeth struggle to salvage their marriage and overcome the bitterness and distrust that separates them. But is it too late?

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