I have a brand-new series coming in 2021 ... with two books available on preorder. Read on to find out more!

Book One: Stolen Highland Hearts

A lie this bold will not stay hidden. He thought he was marrying a chieftain’s daughter—but his young wife isn’t who she seems. Deception and passion collide in Medieval Scotland.

When Keira Gunn agrees to swap places with her best friend, and wed a man in her stead, she knows life is about to get complicated.

She’s also risking her own future.

But Keira never wanted to be a nun, and longs for a life outside the nunnery where she’s about to take her vows. Her friend is desperate—and this could be Keira’s only chance to forge a new path for herself.

The Mackays of Farr have a new chieftain. Connor Mackay is a reluctant husband, yet he’s been betrothed for years.

Now he needs to honor his promise.

The woman he collects from the nunnery is a surprise. She isn’t the great beauty Connor expects, yet her quick wit and passionate nature soon enthrall him.

But his bride keeps a secret that risks more than both their hearts. 


Preorder your copy of HIGHLANDER DECEIVED today, and it’ll be delivered to your Kindle on January 21, 2021!





Book Two: Stolen Highland Hearts

All it takes is one careless encounter. She’s lonely, he’s reckless—a fatal combination. Passion and duty collide in Medieval Scotland. 

Maggie Munro is widowed, barren, and a burden on her resentful uncle. Still grieving the man she loved and lost, she expects to never feel passion again. But then she meets a charming warrior at a king’s council at Inverness.

Life is about to get complicated.

Morgan Mackay—the younger brother of a Mackay chieftain—isn’t looking for a wife. However, when he attends the Scottish parliament he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the lovely Maggie.

As the Scottish king deals out punishment to the warring northern clans, Maggie and Morgan throw caution to the wind for one passionate encounter … but it has repercussions neither expect.

Preorder your copy of HIGHLANDER ENTANGLED now, and it will be delivered to your Kindle on March 25, 2021!