I've got one novel available on preorder at the moment: Book #1 in THE SISTERS OF KILBRIDE (my new Scottish Medieval trilogy, set for release in 2020). I've also started work on Book #2 in the Sisters of Kilbride series. Read on to find out more!


Keen to know more about the series? I'll be posting more details on this page over the coming months. Here are the names of the three novels, as well as their estimated release dates.

Book 1: Unforgotten (February 2020)
Book 2: Awoken (April 2020)
Book 3: Fallen (June 2020)

UNFORGOTTEN (Book One: The Sisters of Kilbride)

A widowed clan-chief, a knife-wielding nun, and a once in a lifetime love. A sweeping, epic tale of second chances and forbidden love in Medieval Scotland.

Gavin MacNichol once broke Annella Fraser’s heart. 

After he ended their affair to wed her elder sister, Ella fled her home and took the veil. Eighteen years later, she’s shocked to find herself face-to-face with the man she’s never forgotten, or forgiven.

Recently widowed, Gavin has lived with regret all these years. He wed for duty, not for love. But when he escorts Sister Ella of Kilbride home to visit her ailing mother, he realizes that the passion he once felt for Ella still burns—hotter than ever.

Yet Ella is forbidden. She’s sworn her life to the Cluniac order, and is determined to resist the emotional response Gavin’s nearness provokes in her. 

It’s only when Ella falls foul of the tyrant who controls the fate of her beloved abbey that Gavin and Ella’s lives become entwined once more. 

But, this time, their fate is one that neither can run from. 

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AWOKEN (Book Two: The Sisters of Kilbride

A novice nun stolen away by a ruthless clan-chief. The warrior who must turn his back on everything to save her. The emotional tale of a woman in jeopardy and a reformed rogue in Medieval Scotland. 

Leanna MacDonald never wanted to become a nun—but it was the only way her father could protect her from the attentions of a cruel man who wanted her as his wife. However, when Leanna’s father unexpectedly dies, her recently widowed former suitor decides he will have her no matter the cost. 

Ross Campbell has served Clan-chief MacKinnon loyally for years. But his allegiance is tested when MacKinnon orders him to steal a novice nun away from Kilbride Abbey. Ambitious and arrogant, Ross has worked hard to gain his position as MacKinnon’s right-hand. He doesn’t want to tear this young woman away from her cloistered existence, yet he won’t risk everything he’s worked so hard to obtain.

Leanna’s abduction is the turning point in Ross’s life. He soon realizes that MacKinnon will ruin this brave, spirited young woman—and when she pleads with him for help, Ross must make a decision. How far will he take his loyalty to a man who doesn’t deserve it?