Ruled by Shadows
Book #1: Light and Darkness

Lilia is a shifter--yet she lives in a world where her kind have been hunted to near extinction.

Desperate to escape her small-minded village, and ignoring her mother's warnings, she moves to a bustling port for a fresh start. But her new life, and her real identity, are put at risk when an enigmatic stranger leaves a charm-stone in her safekeeping. 

What appears to be a humble hag stone--used by folk to ward off evil spirits--is in reality a powerful talisman. One that a secret brotherhood has spent five-hundred years searching for. 

On an epic journey into danger and discovery, Lilia flees assassins who hunt the stone. 

Two men travel with her, both pledging to protect her. But which one can she trust? 

The shadows are deepening and an ancient evil risks being unleashed upon the world. Lilia must face the darkness, and embrace who she really is ... or there will be no going home.

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The Lost Swallow
Book #2: Light and Darkness

All her life she's trusted her instincts—but now she must follow her heart.

Mira belongs to The Swallow Guard—an elite all-female bodyguard who protect the royal family. She resents her role, and has been planning her escape for years. But when her city comes under attack she finds herself on the run, and the unlikely protector of a spoiled and wilful princess. Despite her desire to look after herself, she finds she can't abandon the girl.

Meanwhile, far to the north, an enchanter receives a chilling mission. 

Asher belongs to the Order of Light and Darkness and spends his days healing the sick and injured. Yet when the head of his order commands him to track down the last survivor of a slaughtered royal family—and kill the girl and the woman protecting her—he finds himself in the role of assassin.

In an epic journey through the heart of occupied territory, Mira struggles between her instinct to flee, her urge to protect the gifted young woman who has come to depend on her—and her attraction to an enigmatic stranger who says he's been sent to help them. Asher must also make a choice. Does he trust his instincts, follow his heart, and bring wrath down upon him … or does he follow orders and risk losing his soul.

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Path of the Dark
Book #3: Light and Darkness

He’s been sent to assassinate a princess … but a beautiful sorceress threatens to ruin his plans.

Prince Elias of Anthor failed to kill the last surviving member of an overthrown royal family when he had the chance. Now his father wants him to finish the job. Traveling north under the guise of peace, Elias’s task is straightforward: start negotiations, get close to the princess, and end her life.

It’s straightforward until he meets a woman who will challenge him on every level.

Ryana is an enchanter who prefers singing in crowded taverns to following the rules of the Order she’s sworn to. A woman with a dark past, she’s trying to keep out of trouble when she meets Elias. He’s the son of a dictator, sent to negotiate peace with her king, and she distrusts him from the first—but she can’t deny the pull between them.

The Anthor prince represents everything she’s sworn to avoid. He’s dangerous, yet she can’t keep away from him.

Time is running out for Elias. But when it comes time to kill the princess, he finds himself faced with the most difficult decision of his life. Does he do his duty, listen to his conscience, or follow his heart?

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