Ruled by Shadows
Book #1: Light and Darkness

A young woman who must face her darkest fears to save her world, and the man who will do anything to protect her. An action-packed, emotion-filled Epic Fantasy Romance about the power of courage and love.

Tired of living a small life, Lilia moves to a bustling port and finds work as a cook. But her neat, ordered world crumbles the day a handsome, enigmatic stranger leaves a charm-stone in her safekeeping.

Ever since Lilia started work at his father’s inn, Dain has wanted her—only she isn’t interested in him. But when Lilia’s shadow starts acting strangely, and the stranger comes back to retrieve his charm-stone, Dain takes on the role of her protector.

What appears to be a humble hag stone—used by folk to ward off evil spirits—is in reality a powerful talisman. One that a secret brotherhood has spent five-hundred years searching for.

On an epic journey into danger and discovery, Lilia and Dain flee assassins who hunt the stone. The shadows are deepening and an ancient evil risks being unleashed upon the world. Lilia must face the darkness, and her own fears--or there will be no going home.

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The Lost Swallow
Book #2: Light and Darkness

She’s entrusted with protecting a princess. He’s been sent to kill them both. Epic adventure and romance collide in this emotional romantic fantasy.

Mira of The Swallow Guard has been planning her escape for years. A member of an elite all-female bodyguard who protect the royal family, Mira isn’t like the other Swallows. They’re all from highborn families—but Mira comes from the streets. She’s never fit in, and ever since being assigned as Princess Ninia’s personal guardian, Mira’s desperate to leave.

Only she makes her move too late—on the day her city comes under attack—and instead of escaping, Mira finds herself on the run with the princess. The queen has made her promise to take Ninia must take her north, across the border to a neighboring kingdom where the girl will be safe.

Asher is an Enchanter of the Light who spends his days healing the sick and injured. But when the head of his order commands him to track down the last survivor of a slaughtered royal family, and kill the girl and the woman protecting her, he finds himself in the role of assassin.

Asher tracks Mira and the princess down in a lake town south of the border, and soon discovers that receiving an order in one thing—carrying it out is another. Not only that but Asher’s fierce attraction to Princess Ninia’s enigmatic guardian puts his whole mission at risk. Yet he isn’t the only one hunting the princess. The invading king wants the last member of her royal line dead, and he’s sent men to find her.

Meanwhile Mira struggles between her desire to flee and start afresh, and her need to protect the gifted young woman who has come to depend on her. Asher must also make a choice. Does he trust his instincts, follow his heart, and bring wrath down upon him—or does he follow orders and risk losing his soul.

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