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The Kingdom of Northumbria

The Kingdom of Northumbria is a series of historical romance novels set in 7th Century Anglo-Saxon England. 

Immerse yourself in three stand-alone romances set Britannia's northernmost kingdom during the Kingdom of Northumbria's 'golden age'.

The Whispering Wind
(Released January 24, 2017)

An emotionally-charged historical adventure romance set in Dark Ages Britain. A monk, a handmaid—and an unbreakable bond.

The day Leofric finds a young woman washed up on a windswept shore, his life changes forever ...

Sensuality/heat level: SENSUAL (sweet - SENSUAL - sizzle)


"This is an official request for historical romance readers to move out of their Regency-era and Scottish Highlander comfort zones. Author Jayne Castel had me completely immersed in her Dark Ages world of Northumbria. I could feel the rough clothes abrading my skin, see the poverty of the monks, thrill to a knife battle deep in the woods, and wonder at the power and depravity of an immoral king. This book also packs an emotional punch, since I actually teared up as I read about the desperation of Leofric and Aelfwyn. If you enjoy an emotional, eventful story framed around authentic history (the foreword, afterword and maps are fascinating), then I suggest you pick up books by Jayne Castel."

"Jayne Castel is the best at delivering dark ages historical fiction that is so believable, gritty, hopeful, with powerful emotion. Well written, this tale makes you ache as the couple struggle against terrible odds and the unfairness of class and gender differences. But the story is so worth it. Not only do you feel justice and good prevail, you gain an incredible history lesson."

             Wind Song

(Released November 15, 2017)

He rules the north, but she rules his heart. Two kingdoms collide in this epic tale of destiny, longing and love set in Dark Ages Britain.

He’s a Pict and she’s an Angle. Bridei will do anything to win back his people’s land from Northumbria, but Hea has sworn her loyalty to her king. 

Sensuality/heat level: SENSUAL (sweet - SENSUAL - sizzle)

Reviews for WIND SONG

"The details of Jayne Castel's historic Iron Ages novels flow by like a river. Before you know it, you are immersed in another world ..."

"The plot was exciting, intriguing, and very well written. I enjoyed the romance of the story ... I very highly recommend this book and thoroughly enjoyed it."

Lord of the North Wind
(COMING SOON: to be released in 2018)

He thought he had all the answers … until he met her. A king, a widow—an attraction that cannot be denied.

Love and passion are the last things on King Aldfrith of Northumbria’s mind. But an alluring widow named Osana could very well be his undoing.

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