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"It's silver he cares about. Nothing more." A woman dedicated to the cause, a cynical mercenary—and the fake marriage that brings them together. Passion and patriotism collide in Medieval Scotland.

Breanna will stop at nothing to defend Scotland from the English—even if that means she has to work with a sell-sword, a man whose loyalty can only be bought.

Cameron Stewart has learned that loyalty doesn’t pay. These days, he prefers to hire his blade to the highest bidder. But when the strong-willed and proud Breanna—a druidess belonging to a secret order sworn to protect Scotland from invaders—hires him to help her protect Robert the Bruce, Cameron’s deliberately uncomplicated life gets messy.

Posing as husband and wife, the pair join the newly crowned king of Scotland as he sets about liberating their country from the English. Passion ignites, but Breanna resists surrendering her heart to a man who long ago walled off his own.

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Guardians of Alba takes you back to 14th Century Scotland amidst the Wars of Scottish Independence. Immerse yourself in political intrigue, Celtic mysticism, betrayal, high-adventure, and steamy romance.
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You can listen to them for free on my both my podcast and Spotify, where I'm currently publishing HIGHLANDER ENTANGLED (Book Two: Stolen Highland Hearts), chapter by chapter.

HIGHLANDER DECEIVED (Book One: Stolen Highland Hearts) is now available as a published audiobook on Audible and many other platforms (such as Chirp, Apple, and your local library!)

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Not all battles draw blood. A revenge-fueled clan-chief, his rebellious bride—and the marriage that will be the making of them both.
HIGHLANDER DEFIED is Book One of the Courageous Highland Hearts series. This steamy and emotional follow-up to Jayne Castel’s bestselling Stolen Highland Hearts series follows the lives of four battle-hardened Highland warriors and the courageous sisters who capture their hearts.

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