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He thought he’d forget her. He was wrong. When a battle-hardened warrior returns home from years of campaigning, he discovers that the lass he left behind never married—a lass who will be his undoing. Second chances and redemption on Medieval Isle of Mull.

After a decade campaigning against the English, Loch Maclean returns to the Isle of Mull to find his father dead and his lands in disarray. Cattle thieving is rife, and the isle’s clans are at each other’s throats. Loch’s got his work cut out for him—but he’s distracted by a woman from his past.

Mairi Macquarie is even more beguiling than he remembers, only these days she’s no longer innocent and biddable. These days, she’s got no time for him at all. Or so it seems.

Mairi was heartbroken when the laird’s roguish son went off to war and never came home. She got on with her life and tried to forget him. But now he’s back, battle-hardened, and cynical—and even more dangerous than ever.

The attraction between Loch and Mairi burns hotter than a Beltane fire, yet they both are looking for different things. He wants her to warm his bed, but what she wants is love.

And neither is prepared to compromise.

THE LASS HE LEFT BEHIND is Book One of an exciting new trilogy by Jayne Castel—full of flawed yet irresistible Highland warriors and determined Scottish lasses!

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Nothing ever stays the same. Could taking the leap from friends to lovers risk a beautiful friendship?

Cait and Kennan have been friends since they were bairns. Now they both want more—yet neither has dared to reveal their change of heart to the other.

To complicate matters, Cait’s over-protective father jealously guards his daughter. He scares off all potential suitors. But Cait and Kennan can’t deny their hearts. And in the midst of a long, hot summer, their relationship is about to change irrevocably.

THE BLACKSMITH’S DAUGHTER is a prequel short story set in the same world as the STOLEN HIGHLAND HEARTS series. It takes place three years before Book #1, HIGHLANDER DECEIVED, commences.

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He stole her to hurt his enemy. He never planned to fall for her. A vengeful warrior abducts the proud daughter of the man who murdered his father—only to discover she is his soulmate. Vengeance and epic love collide on Medieval Isle of Mull.

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