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I have Book Three in a new series, a follow-up to my STOLEN HIGHLAND HEART SERIES, up on pre-order for September 2022. I also have a standalone Pict-Roman Romance due out in June. Read on to find out more!


Her husband has exchanged her for his own freedom. Now she belongs to the enemy. Betrayal, belonging, and epic love in Ancient Scotland.

All Fenella has ever wanted is to choose her own path, yet men have always determined her fate. The day Roman soldiers fight their way into her husband’s crannog and demand retribution for a bloody attack, she learns how little control she has over her own destiny.

To save his own neck, her chieftain husband offers the enraged Roman general his willful wife.

Justinian Aquila governs the empire’s wild northern frontier. He’s dedicated his life to serving Rome, but when he takes a fiery Pict woman as his slave, his world shifts.

Fenella was made for him—and he’s determined to win her heart.

Trapped inside the Roman fort of Ardoch, Fenella plans her escape. She will win her freedom, no matter the cost. Yet, even as the shadow of war falls over Caledonia once more, she fights her growing feelings for Justin.

In a world of selfish, cruel men—has she found the only good one?

Set in the 2nd Century AD, during the Roman occupation of what is now Scotland, TAMING THE EAGLE is a powerful, steamy stand-alone romance about finding true love in the unlikeliest of places.

Preorder your copy here (release date: June 23, 2022)


Book Three: Courageous Highland Hearts

Only one woman could help him heal from the wounds of the past. A laird, his chatelaine, and a love that conquers all.

Jean Munro wishes she were pretty and charming like her sisters—but that hasn’t stopped her from developing an infatuation with a man who has sworn off love.

Robin Mackay has developed a hard and bitter shell. Two years have passed since he suffered a terrible betrayal by his wife and brother. The pair conducted a secret affair before conspiring to kill him. Their plans failed, yet Robin is haunted by their treachery.

When Jean takes up the role of chatelaine at Robin’s broch, neither of them are prepared for a connection that develops between laird and servant. Jean’s infatuation deepens into something much stronger … while Robin discovers that life might be worth living, after all.

But starting again after such betrayal is never easy.

Can Robin put his past behind him—or will it destroy both his and Jean’s future?

Preorder your copy here! (release date September 1, 2022)